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Download W2K IIS Server Access Control Sources

Release 1.2, Approx Size 50KB

It's not a big program, but it was nasty enough to compose that I thought others might need it and I could save them some time.  So here it is.. and its free.  If you find this useful please tell others whom made benefit from the program as well.  No warranty of any kind is implied.  The only thing that I ask is that you keep a link/reference to the original location of the code and to please report any bugs you find. 

The source was written using Microsoft VC++ 6.0 to create the sources.  I just zipped up the project the way VC++ keeps it (e.g, no makefile).  If you make improvements drop me a line, perhaps we can merge them back in and make the tool even better.

If you didn't already register, please do so.  If anyone finds a bug or if there are significant improvements to the tool I will send you email.

Yes, add me to the emailing list for update information:


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