Well I must admit I didn't pay enough attention to this during the design and in keeping with making my cabinet as small as possible, I ended up with some random sized marquee space (23.5 x 5.5").  Therefore my first plan of just using one of the readily available Marquee's off the net didn't work.  So in the end I ended up finding a bunch of art and cutting bits out, etc.., until I ended up with something I liked. 

The best site I found was here - and I thank the author for making his efforts available.   As you can see I modeled mine after one of his.  In addition I found (or had) other images that I used as well, sometimes with some image processing.  E.g., the background is a part of a hires picture of the Orion Nebula, and the surface of the moon is from some old image I had in my personal library for which I've lost the original link too.  So I must give a lot of credit to others for making these items available.   I hope no one minds, but I figured I would archive a copy of these images here so that others may get some benefit as well.

Image Archive. Note all images are for non-profit personal use only.

Here is the picture in Microsoft Picture It extended PNG format.  This file contains all the parts of  the image already cut out so they can be placed and manipulated as sprites.  Also there are a bunch of other clipart images cut out in this file that I didn't use on the display area of my Marquee.   This will save you time if  you have this program or can convert the file.  Beware..  19.7MB. 

If you only want the full size JPG it is in the marquee images archive - and it is much smaller at 550KB. Various arcade clipart.  After spending hours looking for some good stuff, this site really stood out.  But go read this guys "special notice" - his work is for non-profit stuff only.  I'm sure there are a couple of his images in my archive, so be careful! Some of the best Marquees I found - all by Zakk.   Again he has a disclaimer of sorts. A collection of various useful artwork
marquee images archive A copy of all the artwork I downloaded (or had) that I used when creating my Marquee
cabinet image archive A copy of all the original photos I took after the cabinet was built

I apologize for any link I lost and have clipart from.  If you have such a link let me know and I will add it.  Also if any images are your personal property and you are upset that I have a copy of them online, let me know and I will remove the public copy of it. 

Thanks, Ken

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