Unit Calculator. 

In addition to basic calculator functions, this calculator can convert between scores of different unit types.  It comes with a database of over 500 different unit definitions, including simple metric/english and currency conversion.  You can easily enter up-to-date exchange rates through the menu.  

In addition there is a hex calculator mode with most of the needed bit twiddling functions one would want.  (In hex mode the calculator works on 64 bit integer values.  In non-hex mode, the values are long doubles).

Just download and put both the application and database on your MMC card.

UnitCalc 1.1



Adding or changing the database:  In most cases the included database should work just fine; however, if you have your own changes (like perhaps different currency locals desired) you can download this file.  This is the ASCII database that the program uses.  It can read either this text file, or the normal dat file.  The program will automatically search for this txt file if the dat file is not present and will then create a new dat file for the next time it is run as the dat file loading is faster.  Note once the dat file is created you can move it to your MMC to save ram space.

Unit Table - text version

Source code: Click Here



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