Secure Data. 

Secure Data addresses some shortcomings in the eBookMan to make it more useful.   Secure Data is basically a file and personal-data management application.  It allows you to store many files and personal-records into 1 "sdat" file.   Files and data can be stored in a "directory tree" for easy organization, and you can even have more then one sdat file if you want to further categorize your data.  And the data can be stored encrypted as well to prevent theft.

Here's a highlight of what it addresses for the eBookMan:

  • Stores files (and data records)  in a directory tree for easy categorization
  • Store numerous files into a few number of sdat files.  This prevents the clutter of data in various eBookMan apps as they don't see the files until they are extracted from the sdat database file.   In addition, this can give a substantial speed improvement to the eBookMan OS and applications by having fewer number of physical files present in RAM or on the MMC.
  • Supports "virtual" deleting of files (or data records) that are stored in sdat files on the MMC.  When you're done reading a book, wouldn't it be nice to be able to delete it from the list of books you see?
  • Prevent theft of your personal data records, or personal files, with the ability to store your data encrypted with a password you supply. 


Secure Data - Beta 0.92 eBookMan application

Read about my book file use of Secure Data


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