Secure Data as a Bulk File Store. 

One of the ways I'm using Secure Data is to store a few hundred books in one sdat database file.  This lets my carry them on the eBookMan which I don't believe would be practical to do otherwise.  All the books are arranged in a directory tree structure, divided up by category & author, and when I've read a book I can use the virtual delete function to remove it.


To set this up you basically create a directory tree on your local hard drive of all the files you want to put into an sdat file.  Once you are done you run "sdcode -pr book b c:\mybooks\*" which will create a "book.sdat" file with a copy of the entire file collection (stored under the key "b").   You could also supply the "-c" flag which would compress the files, but for large book files I don't bother as they only compress around 10% and it slows the extract procedure on the eBookMan down quite a bit.

The current book.sdat file I'm using 73MB in size, and it is working well.   Here is a sample file that has around 3 books in it so you can get a better idea if you want.

Sample smbooks.dat file (use the login key of "b").


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